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The Journey of JTH from humble beginnings to world renown

Early Life.... John Two-Hawks is the first-born child of a young, soft spoken father and a spirited teenage mother.  Both John’s mother and father are Native people with mixed heritage, thus imparting Lakota, Anishinabe, French and Irish lineage.  His parents were both lovers of music as well, and encouraged him very early in his life to explore his musical gifts.  He began playing the guitar and singing at age 5.  Both of John’s grandfathers were remarkable musicians who played literally dozens of different kinds of instruments, so JTH comes by his musical talents naturally. John’s parents divorced when he was 6, and thus began nearly 15 years of terrible upheaval.  Over that period, John and his siblings endured one form of suffering after the next, including terrible child abuse of every kind from a step mother and a step father  And yet, through it all, JTH held on tightly to his music, always believing that one day it would set him free.... The Music Comes Alive.... In the early years, John was the lead singer of several very successful rock and metal bands.  He had a natural talent for being a front man and brought sold-out civic center crowds to their feet with his ability to energize fans.  On two separate occasions, the bands he fronted split up right before their big break.  It was shortly after those disappointments that JTH went solo.  He began his solo career with folk music, playing his acoustic guitar and singing.  John cut his first bona-fide album in this folk style in the mid 90s.  The album was called ‘For Love’, and has long been out of print.  It wasn’t until after his parents passed away - his father at age 54 and his mother at age 51 - that John’s music career began to rise to new heights.  He picked up the Native American Flute  and a new musical sound was born.  The rekindling of the fire of his Native heritage coupled with his effortless virtuosity with indigenous woodwinds and his tremendous gift as a music composer led JTH to create a signature style of music with a message of healing, an approach which still drives his music to this day.

Career Accolades

Rising Up.... JTH has established himself as an extraordinary performing and recording artist whose success in the music industry can be directly attributed not only to his immense talent, but to the lessons he learned in his formative years.  John overcame incredible odds to arrive where he is today, and he has always believed that when we heal we can rise up from the ashes and claim our dreams.  Having risen from those ashes himself, he has laid claim to some very impressive accomplishments.... Making His Mark.... JTH has earned Grammy® and Emmy nominations, Platinum Album awards, had his signature brand of music featured in Fox Searchlight movies, HBO films and programs by The History Channel.  He is a bona fide mainstream World, Alternative and New Age Fusion music visionary who has always set new trends and broken new ground in music genres. From collaborating on platinum selling music fusion projects which melded indigenous music with symphonic heavy metal, to contributing his music on Emmy award winning film scores which teamed native flute, voice and percussion with symphony orchestras and choirs, John has always enjoyed exploring the limits of what is possible in music composition and performance.  He has toured the world and performed for audiences as large as 12,000.  A remarkably gifted multi-instrumentalist, incredible vocalist and native flute virtuoso, Two-Hawks' signature brand of World Fusion, Native, Alternative and New Age Fusion music is known and loved by millions around the world. As well as his established reputation as a musician and recording artist, JTH is also a veteran award winning stage and screen actor (member of SAG), a published author, and a gifted inspirational keynote speaker who has shared the speaking stage with former Presidents, acting Senators and hollywood celebrities.  Regardless of the engagement, John Two-Hawks never fails to deliver a high standard of excellence, integrity and professionalism in every endeavor he undertakes.
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